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New Age Healing Centre is a place for you to explore your personal transformation into a being of love, light and harmony. Our aim is to take you to a new Dimension. One without pain, fear, anger and loss. Our services are here to help you understand your body and mind on a deeper and more intimate level.

As you look into who you are, you will begin to live your life consciously with open eyes and a greater connection to yourself and the universe. Once you coalesce the body, mind and soul. We are happy to guide you alongside your journey and to alter your personal vibrations so that you can create the life you came onto this earth to experience.

Our services are for healing, rehabilitation and meditative purposes. They are geared towards those who want to improve all aspects of their health with a mind-body connection that does not overwhelm or cause them physical discomfort. We modify exercises and techniques to correctly teach all ages from kids to seniors and we strive to provide our clients with a unique and positive experience according to their specific needs.





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For a long time I have believed in the power of massage therapy and for many years I have undergone 10-15 sessions twice a year. I was lucky, my therapist was a true professional. But, when I began to have problems with my blood pressure, I had to stop massage sessions for my back (for 20 years I lived with pain in my spine). Luckily I met Janna. At first, I was amazed at how accurately she found the pained points on my body. Then, at how quickly the pain started to go away and, most amazingly, after the third session I unexpectedly felt an unfamiliar lightness in my spine. After that, the tenseness in my neck and back left. These changes make me very optimistic. Unchanging remains the pleasure that I get from the calm, friendly atmosphere and the mastery of the therapist. I wish Janna success because her success is our health. 

Inna Svekrova-Tolstaya 


How shiatsu improved my quality of life. When I first came to see Janna I had back pain as a result of a work injury. I couldn't walk or sit. After just one treatment Janna helped take away the pain and after second treatment I stopped taking painkillers. In addition to my back, I was suffering from migraines, chronic neck pain, numbness in my arms and legs and poor metabolism. After every treatment, I felt my body getting stronger and more flexible. My symptoms are improving, I didn't have a migraine in 2 months and I lost 5 pounds. Janna is a very professional and knowledgeable. She explained every step to me as well as taught me how to exercise to maintain my health. She is positive, friendly and always makes herself available to accommodate my busy schedule. In a short time, she had a very positive influence in my life. I am more relaxed and my health is improving every day 
Thank you Janna for everything

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