Janna Pinsky is the founder of New Age Healing Centre and continues to work as a Certified Shiatsu Therapist, STAO (Shiatsu Therapy Association of Ontario) and Reiki Healer. 

Janna’s primary degree is in Civil Engineering, majoring in Bridge Construction from the oldest and most respected Engineering Institute in St. Petersburg, Russia. After moving to Canada from St. Petersburg, she understood that that was not her true path. Regardless of her formal education, her passion for eastern medicine, psychology, body work and energy work was always a primary interest. 

Janna decided to change her career upside down and go into health practice, a dream she had from her childhood. Having a long line of her ancestors being doctors and her father having abilities as natural healer she believes healing runs in her blood, and could not resist the call of her heart to help people.


As a child, Janna deeply connected with the film Martial Arts of Shaolin. This movie opened the door for her curiosity about Chinese medicine and the philosophy that the mind, body and soul are connected. She began to expand her knowledge as to how energy can awake in our bodies to heal diseases. From there she's had a long road of learning different aspects of unconventional type of medicine such as reiki energy, chakra cleansing and healing, crystals healing, angel therapy and yoga.


She became a Reiki practitioner and after several years of practice, she decided to obtain a formal level of education  as a shiatsu practitioner. Shiatsu stood out the most, as it combined a multitude of teachings that can make her a knowledgeable healer. It took her 2200 hours of hard work to become fully equipped with the skills she needed as a Shiatsu Therapist. In 2010 Janna graduated from the Shiatsu School of Canada & Acupuncture. During her two years at the Shiatsu School of Ontario she was studying shiatsu, anatomy, physiology, pathology, theory of traditional Chinese medicine and acupoints, along side various other subjects.

After working for several places including an Aurvedic centre in Brighton ON, where she gained experience in practising shiatsu, leading healing yoga classes and meditations, she started working as an independent practitioner in 2011.  From her experience she understood that one type of any practice is not enough to help people get better, In fact she claims that it takes a complex of different modalities.  This lead her to think about creating a centre where people can find the exact help that they need by providing multiple services. Her passion for helping people and sharing her knowledge was the pivotal idea to open up New Age Healing Centre.